The Citizens’ Army League – Reserves for the Pals – Weeding out the unfit

The Citizen Army League was asked by the War Office to raise and administer Reserves for the two Pals Battalions which required an even more marked increase in expenditure on advertising than was required for the Second Pals Battalion. “As the year 1915 went on, the pace of recruitment became slower and slower, and the need of costly effort became more pressing.”
Inducements to soldier recruiters were increased as was spending on printed matter and the costs of military displays and public meetings.
“The reserve companies were for a considerable period largely made up of men sent back from the serving Battalions as unfit for Foreign Service. After much delay some of these were discharged as unfit and others were transferred to the 1st Yorkshire Garrison Regiment for home service only. The remainder, forming the actual Reserves for the Service Battalions, are now maintained as really serviceable men for drafts, by constantly weeding out the unfit.”
The Reserves of the two service Battalions were brought together towards the end of May 1915 at Bowling Camp. "In July they joined the Reserves of the Leeds Special Battalions at Colsterdale to form the 19th (Local Reserve) Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment. As the number of Reserves for the 4 Battalions increased and became too bulky to handleas one Battalion, the men of the the 16th and 18th were moved to Clipstone, Nottinghamshire, in Septembe, to form a 20th Battalion."
In October 1915 the War Office took over all the Reserve Battalions.
Report of the work of the Bradford Citizens’ Army League in assisting recruiting for the Navy and Army for service in the European War from Sept 1914 to March 1916 (1916) Bradford