Military use of Bradford’s Hospitals

It is well known that Bradford had its own base War Hospital but this does not paint the whole picture as there were many more auxiliary hospitals that also treated wounded soldiers. It is difficult to provide total figures for the number of soldiers treated in Bradford as some were transferred from Hospitals in Leeds to a variety of auxiliary hospitals before the first Red Cross Trains brought wounded soldiers straight from France to the Bradford War Hospital in November 1915.     


Chronological summary of military use of Bradford’s hospitals    


Bradford War Hospital, St Luke’s Hospital run by Bradford Board of Guardians

Abram Peel Hospital, Leeds Road Hospital run by Bradford Corporation

Bradford Military Hospital, this was either at Bradford Moor Barracks or at Belle Vue Barracks      


Bradford Royal Infirmary, subscription hospital

Bowling Park Auxiliary Hospital, Bradford Board of Guardians home for male imbeciles

Clayton Auxiliary Hospital, North Bierley Union Infirmary

Field House Auxiliary Hospital, Bradford Royal Infirmary’s convalescent home

Guiseley Auxiliary Hospital, not sure which hospital/private home this was

Royal Ear and Eye Hospital, Bradford a voluntary subscription hospital

Salt's Auxiliary Hospital, Saltaire Sir Titus Salt Hospital, charitable hospital

Woodlands Auxiliary Hospital, Rawdon, Bradford Royal Infirmary’s convalescent home      


Other temporary hospitals      


If you have any information on the location of the Bradford Military Hospital or the Guiseley Auxiliary Hospital please get in touch so that a more complete picture can be painted.