Surnames KN


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Please note that the places were only included when specifically given in the text however the majority of those with no place will be from Bradford. Also be aware that the place might refer to where an individual worked and not lived. Contact me prior to ordering further information to see if we can confirm that that is the individual you are interested in.

Surname First Name Place Reference
Kearsley Elizabeth Bradford F1
Keating Sarah   WR2
Keeling Miss   N14
Keighley E   H1
Keighley Edith   WR2
Keighley William Leeds H1
Kellett Donald Wyke LM1
Kellett Harry   LM1
Kelly David   H1
Kelly James Mann   WC1
Kelly Joy   WR2
Kelly Violet   WR2
Kemp William Alfred   WC1
Kendall John W   WC1
Kennedy Charles   N14
Kenny Fenton   F1
Kenon   Bradford LM1
Kenyon Francis T   H1
Kershaw H   WR2
Kershaw Harry Greengates H1
Kershaw Jeremiah Liversedge N14
Kettlewell Robert T   H1
Kettlewell T   WC1
Kettley Arthur   WC1
Kidman Joseph   WC1
Kilner Harry   H1
Kilner Harry Windhill H1
Kimbert Gillbert William   WR1
King B   WR2
King Bridget   WR2
King Elizabeth   H1
King George H P   WC1
King Gertrude   WR2
King J W   H1
King John william Bradford F1
King William H   WC1
King William John Bradford F1
Kinsley Mary Ann   WR2
Kirk Arthur   WC1
Kirk Frank   WC1
Kirkham Stephen Heywood   WC1
Kitchen George   WC1
Kitchin Dr   H1
Kitchingman Hardy   WC1
Kitson Rose   WR2
Knight j   F1
Knowles Herbert   WC1
Lacey Ada Elizabeth   H1
Lacroft Hary   WR1
Ladder Walter   WC1
Laidler Francis   H1
Laidman Mrs Bradford Moor N14
Lally Alice   WR2
Lamb Louisa H   WC1
Lambert Albert Bradford N14
Lambert Clara   H1
Lambert James Bradford F1
Lambert James   H1
Lambert John William Keighley N14
Lambert Willie   WC1
Landon Cecil Victor Wyke LM1
Lane William M   WC1
Langan T Willingham H1
Langhorne J W   WR1
Langhorne     WR1
Lankester R A Dr   WC1
Lasnick Charlie   H1
Laughlin Agnes   H1
Laughlin Mary A   H1
Law Margaret C D   H1
Lawler Ada   H1
Lawler R   H1
Lawrence Mary   WR2
Lawson John James   WC1
Lawton Charles   WC1
Laycock Arthur   WC1
Laycock B Listerhills H1
Laycock David & Co   WC1
Laycock Harold Gordon   WC1
Laycock Miss   H1
Layton Rachel   H1
Leach Frank   N14
Leach Frederick L   H1
Leach George Edgar Bradford F1
Leach J   F1
Leach j W Keighley N14
Leach James & son   WC1
Leach John William Keighley N14
Leach Jonas Thornton H1
Leach Jonas Allerton Green H1
Leach Jonathan Denholme H1
Leach P Low Moor F1
Leach W Mrs   H1
Leadbeater W H   H1
Leaf Louisa   F1
Ledder Agnes    H1
Lee Edwin   WC1
Lee Herbert Bradford N14
Lee James   WC1
Lee Mary Jane   WR2
Lee Thomas F   WC1
Lee William Bradford F1
Leece Seth   WC1
Leech Elizabeth Bradford F1
Leek Clara Louisa   WR2
Leek Clara Louisa   WR2
Leek William   WC1
Leighton E A   F1
Lever Edward   WC1
Lewis Maude   H1
Licence C E   H1
Lief Arthur Bradford F1
Liggett Alfred   WC1
Lightfoot Harry   F1
Lightfoot Richard Bingley F1
Lightfoot Richard   F1
Lightowler Josiah Wyke H1
Linsley Letty Bradford F1
Linyard Humphrey   WC1
Lisles Charles   H1
Lister Ambrose   WC1
Lister Harry Rippon F1
Lister Richard   WC1
Lister Samuel Bradford F1
Lister William Thornhill Lees N14
Lister  H Miss Wisby N14
Little Andrew Dr   H1
Little  Arthur Keighley N14
Livingstone L Rev   H1
Lloyd Dorothy   WR2
Lockhart William Henry   H1
Lockwood Alice Mary   WR2
Lockwood Alice Mary   WR2
Lofthouse Squire   WC1
Lofthouse Tom   WC1
Logan  Miss   N14
Long George   WR1
Long     WR1
Long     H1
Longbottom Fred Bradford H1
Longsborough or Lonsborough Thomas Henry   WC1
Looby Wm P   WC1
Lord Ernest E   WC1
Loseby William   WC1
Loughlin Michael   H1
Lount James E   WC1
Lovell Arthur   WC1
Lovell Sarah Jane   WR2
Lowe Henry Thornhill Lees N14
Lowns Elizabeth Keighley N14
Loxam Emma   H1
Lucas Mabel Bradford F1
Lucy  Sagar Bradford F1
Luinn Mary   WR2
Lumb Arthur   WC1
Lumb Florence Bradford F1
Lumb Henry   WC1
Lumb William   WC1
Lumley Corinna   H1
Lumley William S   WC1
Lunn Wm Robert   WC1
Lykes Emma   WR2
Mackney Alice   H1
Macpherson M   H1
Madden Ann   WR2
Maher Elizabeth   WR2
Maher Elizabeth   WR2
Majerus John   LM1
Majerus John W   LM1
Majerus Victor Hoffman Wyke LM1
Major Harry Walter   WR1
Malham Arthur   WC1
Mallinson Amos Wyke H1
Mallinson John   H1
Mallinson Leonard ? LM1
Maloney Mark   WC1
Maloney William   WR2
Malton H T   F1
Manley     F1
Mann Amos   H1
Mann Edgar Crompton   WC1
Mann Joe   H1
Mann Thomas Bradford F1
Margerison William   H1
Marlton James William   H1
Marsden Seth   WC1
Marsden William Bradford LM1
Marsh E   F1
Marshall Beatrice   WR2
Marshall Fred   WC1
Marshall H   WR1
Marshall H   H1
Marshall John H   H1
Marshall Samuel   WR1
Marshall W H Bingley N14
Marshall William   H1
Marshall     WR1
Marshall     N14
Martin Agnes Louise   H1
Martin Clara   WR2
Martin James    N14W
Maskell John   WC1
Mason Teresa   WR2
Masterson Margaret   H1
Mather G S Dr   H1
Mathers John Bradford H1
Mathews Beatrice   WR2
Mattocks George   WC1
Mattocks John Thomas   WC1
Maughan John   WC1
Mawson Alice Idle F1
Mawson Henry   WC1
Mays     F1
McAvan Mary   H1
McCaudie Annie   WR2
McClullich Isobel Mary   H1
McCulloch Duff J Dr   WC1
McDermott Maud   WR2
McDonnall Nellie   H1
McEvoy Christopher   WC1
McGing Dr   H1
McGoldrick Jasper (or James)   WC1
McGuinness William H   WC1
McGuire Edward Dewsbury N14
McHugh John Bradford LM1
McKee James   H1
McKee James   H1
McKell George Bradford N14
McKell Mary Daglan Bradford N14
McLaughlin Mark   WC1
McLean John C   WC1
McLintock Charles Edward   WC1
McMannon Thos   WC1
McManus Thomas Dewsbury N14
Meakin Walter   WC1
Meakin     WC1
Mee Reginald B   WC1
Meeds James   WC1
Mellor Miss   H1
Mergatroyd S   WR1
Merrick  Jas Wm   WC1
Merrick George Bradford F1
Messheder Harry   LM1
Metcalfe Arthur   WC1
Metcalfe Fred   WC1
Middleton Bertha   WR2
Midgley Stanley   F1
Midgley   Eccleshill H1
Miles Charles F   WC1
Miller Mary   WR2
Miller  Emmie   H1
Miller  F C Wisbech H1
Millhouse George H   H1
Mills Tom   WC1
Mills  Wiliam Shipley N14
Milner Ernest   WC1
Milner George   H1
Milner (or Milners) Arthur   WC1
Milnes John Edward   WC1
Mintoft Thomas   H1
Mitchell Annie Bradford F1
Mitchell Arthur   F1
Mitchell Dr   H1
Mitchell Elizabeth Bradford F1
Mitchell Emma   WR2
Mitchell Harold mrs Manningham N14
Mitchell Hetty Bradford F1
Mitchell John Albert Manningham H1
Mitchell Joseph   WR1
Mitchell Joseph Wm   WC1
Mitchell Mary   WR2
Mitchell May   WR2
Mitchell Percy Tong H1
Mitchell R A   H1
Mitchell Timothy Allerton H1
Mitchell W & H   WC1
Molineux Hannah   WR2
Moon Billy   N14
Moore Eliza   WR1
Moore Harry   WC1
Moore Hilda   WC1
Moore James   F1
Moore Joseph   WC1
Moore Mabel G   F1
Moore Mary Ann   H1
Moore Robert   H1
Moore W   H1
Moore William   WC1
Moore Willie Oxenhope N14
Moorhouse Alfred Headingley N14
Moorhouse Joseph   WC1
Moorhouse   Wyke LM1
Morfitt Jas K   WC1
Morgan Thomas   H1
Morgan Thomas   H1
Morley Albert E   N14
Morley Fred   WR1
Morley James   H1
Morley Walter   WC1
Morley     WR1
Morley     WC1
Mornington W   WR1
Morrell S   WR1
Morris Walter Abraham   WC1
Morrison William   H1
Morrisroe Thomas   WR2
Mortimer Caroline   H1
Mortimer Charles Bradford F1
Mortimer J A Dr   H1
Mortimer M J Mrs Bradford H1
Mortimer Martha J   H1
Mortimer William Ward   H1
Mortimer  Frederick   H1
Morton J N    F1
Morton N J Windhill H1
Mosley Herman   H1
Moss James Henry   H1
Moss Thomas   H1
Mossman F A T   F1
Moulds William   WC1
Moulson Alice   WR2
Moulson Lelly   WR2
Moverley H   H1
Mudd Harry   WC1
Muldowney William   WC1
Mullard William (Willie) Leach WC1
Munns   Shipley N14
Munt Francis A   WC1
Murgatroyd Alma   H1
Murgatroyd Edward   H1
Murphy Harry Bradford LM1
Murphy James   WC1
Murphy Mark Odsal LM1
Murray Mary E   H1
Myers Eric S   WC1
Myers Malcolm   WC1
Myers Sarah A   H1
Nash Elizabeth   WR2
Nash Elizabeth   WR2
Nathanson Tilly   H1
Naylor Alice   WR2
Naylor George   WC1
Naylor Harry Eccleshill H1
Naylor Hartley   WC1
Naylor Richard Baildon N14
Naylor Samuel   WC1
Naylor William   H1
Needham Harry   WC1
Neilson Edmund B   H1
Nero Joseph   H1
Nettleton F Miss   H1
Newby George   F1
Newby George & co   WC1
Newell George Thornton H1
Newell Haigh   WC1
Newell Harold Eldwick N14
Newling James William   WC1
Newlove Charles S   WC1
Newsome Sarah   WR2
Newton Richd   WC1
Nicholls W Thornton H1
Nichols Isaac   N14
Nichols Olive Bradford N14
Nicholson Hannah Bradford F1
Nicholson Jehas   WR1
Nicholson S   H1
Nicholson     WR1
Nicol J W   N14
Nilman Beatrice   WR2
Nixon Alfred Cononley H1
Nobel Doris   N14
Nobel W   N14
Noble George Bradford F1
Noble George Bradford F1
Nodder J T   F1
Nolan Joseph Laisterdyke F1
Nolan Mary   WR2
Norman Amy   N14
Normanton Ethal A   WR2
Normington Fred Bradford LM1
Normington Herbert   WC1
North James   H1
North John Wm   WC1
North William & Co   WC1
North  Tom Wisby N14
Northin E A    H1
Northin Harry Thornton H1
Northin S   H1
Noutch Arthur   H1
Nowell Pattie Low Moor LM1
Nudds Percy Low Moor LM1